My first airplane, a 1946 Luscombe!
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My latest project, a Cessna 150, 1963, C Model rebuild.

The Approach

It all started when I was 12 years old and my uncle took me for a ride in his Luscombe – I was hooked! A lifelong passion for aviation was born. Sometime later, when a forced landing caused me to flip my first airplane (also a Luscombe) in a cornfield, my passion for safety and excellence began.

More than 40 years in the field of aviation have enabled me to become a Flight Instructor, earn my Airline Transport License, spend 12 years as a Lead FAA Safety Team member, and in 2002 received an FAA commendation for longest Flight Safety seminar series in the US. I have flown, as Pilot in Command, 104 different aircraft and logged thousands of flight hours.

In addition to flight time, I regularly review seventeen aviation publications and 15-20 electronic communications to remain current with aviation trends, news and 

regulations. This information fuels this blog and monthly Safety Seminars in Redding, CA.

I offer you, the reader, “EKO” (Experiences, Knowledge and Observations) to facilitate your path to excellence as a Pilot in Command (FAR 91.3) in your aircraft. I hope this shared experience will facilitate your path to excellence.


ATP Bill - blogger
ATP Bill - blogger
Lana - editor, webmanager
Lana - editor, webmanager

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