WELCOME to the Gallery where  interesting or unusual aircraft are posted.

A Martin Mars cargo transport seaplane. Only 7 were built. Video link.
OV-10 “Bronco” aircraft . Built by North American Rockwell for Forward Observing (Navy/Marine Corp). Twin-engine “Jetprops”, it holds two crew (with room for cargo/people). Used extensively in the Vietnam war. Now the California Department of Forestry and Fire are updating and converting them to Command and Control aircraft for the Air Tanker/Fire Bombers.
Ford Tri-Motor, manufactured from 1925 – 1933 by Ford, this aircraft has 3 engines. Once used as a passenger plane, here (2015 in Redding, CA) it used to carry mail. This one had wicker seats. Link to more info.
Grumman C-2 Greyhound with wings folded. Twin engine, used to carry cargo back and forth from US Navy aircraft carriers.
A Wilga! This is a Polish aircraft originally used primarily for civil aviation. It was produced from 1962 – 2006.